Stage Ready Quiz

The secret to winning figure competitions starts with knowing the detailed preparation areas you are strong in and those you may need to improve to be more competitive. As a newbie figure athlete, it’s important to find this out before you even begin training and select your first show.

If you are ready to find out if you have what it takes to train, compete and win figure competitions, take the quiz below! By investing just 5 minutes on this quiz, you will get a “Stage Ready Report” that breaks out the areas where you need to focus more of your attention to be successful. It’s a simple step that could totally impact your first time on stage!

KEY POINT: Depending on how you score, you may also be eligible for a complimentary Stage Ready Assessment that reveals:

  1. Where you are strong in the prepping process.
  2. Which areas of your physique are the weakest and the steps to take to turn things around.
  3. The exact next steps for you to take to create the stage ready body that wins competitions.

Once you finish the quiz, check your inbox right away to review your “Stage Ready Report” and take your next steps to building a winning physique that wows the judges!

0 = I haven't even started this yet.
4 = I'm not exactly sure about this.
7 = I think I'm doing ok here.
10 = I have totally nailed this.

I. Getting Started

1. I know how many weeks I need to prep for my show.

2. I have assessed my physique and know where I need to improve.

3. I've got the right mindset and I'm organized for prep.

4. I know how much it costs me to compete and have prepared a budget.

5. I have researched the federations and understand the differences.

6. I know how to pick my first competition.

II. Training and Cardio

1. I am following the right workouts to create shape, size, and symmetry to win.

2. I know how to build muscle and drop body fat at the same time.

3. I understand how to adjust cardio throughout my prep.

4. I know when to start high intensity cardio to my training.

5. I know the 5 things I should be tracking every workout.

III. Diet and Supplementation

1. I know how to figure out my macros.

2. I am eating the right amount of calories to reach my goals.

3. I understand carb cycling and when to use it during prep.

4. I feel comfortable that my current supplement regimen is working.

5. I am familiar with fat burners and when to use them during prep.

IV. Peak Week

1. I know how to do a mock peak.

2. I have a detailed list of foods to cut out the final weeks.

3. I understand the final conditioning steps to bring my best package.

4. I have researched natural ways to reduce excess water from my physique.

5. I know exactly what foods to eat day of show.

6. I feel like I will have a good peak week.

V. Presentation and Judging

1. I know what the judges are looking for on stage.

2. I have picked the right suit color and style.

3. I have attended a posing and presentation clinic.

4. I have been practicing the 2 required posing routines.

5. I understand the call out process.

6. I know what happens at pre-judging and finals.

VI. Post Show Transition

1. I know what will happen to my body after the competition.

2. I have a solid plan to transition after my show.

3. I'm confident I can manage post show weight gain.

4. I have a good support network to minimize post show blues.

5. I know how long to wait until my next competition.

VII. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I am ready and willing to learn exactly what it takes to a figure or bikini competition.

2. If eligible, I am definitely interested in your offer of a complimentary Stage Ready Assessment and will schedule if selected.

3. I’m ready to invest emotionally and financially to have the best experience on stage

4. I’m not willing to keep dreaming about this; I want to make it happen now.

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